Healthtech Landscape

Digital therapeutics is a booming new field that involves using data collected from electronic health records (E-health) to treat patients as opposed to just drug testing. Some softwares or devices are used to take health data and then they take steps to cure them. This trend is interesting for patients who don’t have access to conventional doctors but who suffer from chronic diseases


  1. Future of Digital Therapeutics Industry in India. Future of Digital Therapeutics Industry in India (

Disease Detection Using AI

Disease Detection through Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all about data and information, training specialized programs with the data like patient's history, lab test results, scan results, and symptoms data can result in an efficient and more accurate information regarding diseases. With advanced scanning technologies and information management approaches, the future of AI in healthcare seems brighter than before.

Introduction to Disease Paradigm

Anti Tubercular Therapy Icon

The treatment of tuberculosis presents an enormous challenge to global health.