Introduction to Dermatology

Viatris Dermatology Business: Right to Healthy Skin with Accessible High-Quality Skincare Products

Viatris in collaboration with strategic partners, sales and marketing efforts helps patient to access medicines for skin health.1

The Viatris India Dermatology division strives to empower individuals and provide healthy skin for all. It has a wide range of skincare products targeting non-infectious and infectious skin diseases and provides skin protection.


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Product Portfolio

Our products cater to patients for treatment of2

    Atopic dermatitis:
    - Elidel® (pimecrolimus) cream
    - MyLimus™ (tacrolimus) ointment
    - Desoint® (desonide) cream
    - Fungal skin infection:
    - Amtris® (amorolfine) cream
    - Leubine® (luliconazole) cream
    - Psoriasis:
    - MPrila™ (apremilast) tablet

Our other skincare products include sunscreen (Suntris®), emollient (CIDEAD®), and facewashes (Cleale® and Brillinz®).2



Elidel can be used to treat certain skin conditions like eczema



A broad spectrum & water-resistant sunscreen with protection against UV, Infrared (IR) and Visible rays


CIDE AD Front Packshot

A steroid free ceramide dominant lotion

Key Benefits

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Effective action on all acne mechanisms, reducing the number of retentional and inflammatory

Key Benefits

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Visibly whitens. Lightens and evens out skin tone